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Classified ads are FREE for all BC Hereford Association members. We can post pictures and links to pedigrees .
Please email your information to . Ads will be removed after 90 days.
You may request to repeat the ad and we ask you to please let us know if you have either sold your consignment
 or have removed it from the market so we can keep the information current.

     What else do you have for sale at your farm?
List your extra clippers, show halters, tattoo equipment

List stock horses, used tractors, balers, stock trailers !

Send me an email and I’ll post your ad for free if you are a member of the BCHA !!!!

Copper-T Hereford Beef. Lean, Hormone Free, Hereford Beef. No hormones or implants used; government inspected; and all meat comes from animals we have raised naturally, so we  know its history from birth to butcher.  Our animals are our passion as well as our livelihood, so you can be sure they have been treated in the most humane ways possible.  We are on the Verified Beef Program so our records are available for your viewing if you wish.  Herefords are known for their docility and docility has been proven to affect beef quality for the better.   We believe if you try our meat, you will not return to store bought.  We sell by the side, the split side and by the piece.  Contact us at 250-699-6466  Fraser Lake, BC

CopperTmeat sales
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