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The Canadian Junior Hereford Association (CJHA) is a national organization for youth governed by youth. It is an affiliate of the Canadian Hereford Association (CHA). The objectives of the CJHA are to foster and encourage the interest of youth in agriculture, and more specifically the breeding, raising and promotion of Hereford cattle in Canada. This is carried out by developing their knowledge, leadership skills, and community interest through participation in the organization’s activities. The association motivates young individuals who are interested in the Hereford breed through education, commerce, and events, which will help them be knowledgeable cattle people and better citizens.

Members of the CJHA are under 21 years of age and have paid their one-time membership fee of $15. This fee automatically entitles Juniors to be members of their provincial association as well. With 600 members, the CJHA is envied by other beef breeds in Canada and throughout the world for its active and growing membership.

While the CJHA is governed by a national council of members elected from across the country, and is concerned with national affairs, each province, and in some cases zones within each province, are organized. Each province and zone also elects an executive, which organizes and runs provincial, regional and local events and activities. At all levels the juniors learn and implement leadership and cooperative work skills.

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